It is the new year and maybe a new day for chronic fatigue syndrome patients. I finally got my blood draw for the XMRV test. I don’t know if Medicare will pay for it, but I figure the $650 is my contribution to humanity in the quest to find the cause of CFS.

My wonderful doctor had the blood drawn in her office. Then I rushed over the FedEx to get it sent priority. The blood samples have to get up to Reno in 24 hours, or they cannot be used for valid testing.

So now I wait. But today I am starting back on anything that might have any impact on a retrovirus. I will be taking nondenatured whey protein, artemisinin and coconut oil. I am back on vitamin C and D. I plan to get some olive leaf extract, L-lysine and drink a lot of green tea.

If I get a positive PCR or culture for XMRV I will worry about whether to take AZT or other antivirals later.

Here we go….who knows where we will end.

For those who want to get tested here is the contact information for VIP Lab:

5625 Fox Avenue, Suite 369, Reno, Nevada 89506
Phone: (775) 351 – 1890 / Fax: (775) 682 -8517 / Email: info@vipdx.co


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