My report on the Age Management Medicine Conference (Las Vegas, 2009) is online at this link.

The conference had some fascinating studies presented. I think most will enjoy my brief overview of presentations which covered getting well. My two favorite topics were two Ms:  “medical foods” and “men’s sexual health.”

Here is a matching quiz. You will find the answers in my article. Here’s to your health!

  1. How can you repair a myocardial infarction?
  2. Men should do 300 a day to improve erectile function.
  3. Rosacea may be caused by this.
  4. Informed consent is important when treating this.
  5. Unlike supplements, these are covered by insurance.
  6. This increases stomach acid and may help weight loss.
  7. Growth hormone will reduce this inflammatory marker.
  8. A cream or patch of this is safer than a pill.
  9. This removes alcohol craving in 85% of alcoholics.
  10. Saliva is the most accurate way to check this level.


  • Cortisol
  • Lyme disease
  • medical foods
  • Naltrexone
  • HRT
  • Kegels
  • CRP
  • stem cells
  • betaine
  • Demodex
  • mite

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