I am reposting this from the CFIDS Forum

This disease has made monkeys out of some of the smartest humans.


Macaque monkeys and XMRV
Possibly the most significant CFS-related research published last year was done by a group connected with Emory University, Abbot Labs, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Rhesus macaque monkeys were injected with XMRV, and then their blood and organs were tested to track the progression of the infection.

After a few weeks, XMRV was almost totally gone from the blood. But the infection had spread to many of the organs, including the lungs, spleen, liver, lymphatic system, bronchial passages, gut, and the sex organs.

When the monkeys were later injected with a bolus of foreign peptides (which mimics an acute infection, an immunization, or an acute mold exposure) there was a huge reactivation of infectious XMRV. Stress and certain hormones also appear to be significant reactivators.

This study is quite consistent with my observations of the behavior of my own illness over the past 16 years. It also sheds new light on several recent studies which failed to find XMRV in the blood of patients with XRMV.

I believe this study should provide new impetus and direction for future XMRV and CFS-related research. [Links to Cheney’s discussion of this study and more are at the CFIDS Forum site.]



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