In Short Order — October 7th — 7-9 PM EST — Dr. Judy Mikovits

Join us on October 7th for the whole true story about XMRV, Dr. Mikovits’ term at WPI, accusations of theft, misappropriations, data withholding, trade secrets, contracts, grants, contamination, termination, cover-ups, and lots more.

This will be the very first time Dr. Mikovits has spoken in public about what really happened — and where things are now. If you have questions for Dr. Mikovits that you would like answered on the show, please send them to show host at peerobmagazine@aol.com and listen in for your question to be asked and answered.

LEARN ABOUT THE 2013 PHYSICIAN’S ROUND TABLE AND MORE AT http://www.peerobservationsmagazine.com/

In Short Order radio show for health care professionals at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/in-short-order
Every Sunday, 7-9PM EST


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