photoWhat would Church Lady say? Today I went shopping at a famous American store. At the check out line I noticed the clerk’s nametag read Kobra. I thought, That’s funny.

Kobra said, “Hi. How are you today?’

Since I was trying to figure out what buttons to push to activate my credit card I just said, “Hi,” very softly.

Then I heard some ominous rumbling. Kobra muttered, “I said, ‘Hi,’ and asked you how you are doing. Did you hear me? I’m trying to be friendly.”

I looked her in the eye and told her kindly, “I said ‘Hi,’ but I guess not loud enough for you to hear me.” Then I grinned and said the first thing that popped into my head, “You have a scary name.”

Her response was a full blown attack. “My name is not scary. Kobra does not mean snake. In Afghanistan it means ‘big and strong.’ You know the Koran tells us to be kind and respectful. You need to learn that.” She preached some more, but I had trouble understanding her.

Wow, this lady was trying to live up to her name! She was big and strong even though she was a tiny woman not even five feet tall. What should I do? Again, I looked her in the eye and said, “Oh, I was just joking about your name. I know it does not mean a snake.” But she was having none of it, and continued to rant about what her name actually meant.

I grabbed my bags and receipt and headed for the door wondering, What would Jesus have said? Probably something better than what I came up with. Maybe I should go back and shop at that store again. That lady needs some love.

When I got home I looked up the name Kobra online. Kobra is a Persian name for a girl. It means major. I think I will write Kobra a note about how her name means major while my name means small. God may use this to show her his unending love for all of us.

Charles Surgeon wrote, “Soul-Saving is Our One Business…we may accept any labour or hazard to win a soul.”

In the highways, in the hedges,
In the highways, in the hedges,
I’ll be somewhere workin’ for my Lord.


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