Everybody out there with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – WAKE UP! There are some creatures in the room, and they aren’t mice. Well, these creatures are distant cousins of critters that live in mice. These cousins have moved on up to live in humans

These creatures are called retroviruses. So far there are only three retroviruses known to cause disease in humans according to the United States government. HTLV-1 is associated with adult T-cell leukemia. GTLV-2 is associated with hairy cell leukemia. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/books/NBK7934

But there might be another retro creature causing human disease. Dr. Judy Mikovits studied blood samples from CFS patients and controls looking for a new retrovirus. She found 67% of CFS patients were positive and 3.7% of the healthy controls were positive. These results were published in “Science” on May 23, 2009. Later she found 95% of CFS patients positive and 4% of controls were positive.

In 2010 Drs Alter and Lo, scientists who work for the US government, studied CFS patient samples from Dr. Anthony Komaroff – samples he had stored since 1990. Alter and Lo found a retrovirus closely related to Mikovits’ retrovirus finding. They found 86.5% of CFS patients were positive, while 6.8% of healthy controls were positive.

Quite a few studies by other labs, including the CDC found NO retrovirus. None. The official government conclusion was that the retrovirus either did not exist, or it was a lab contaminant due to having mouse stuff in the lab. “Science” published a retraction of Mikovits’ study in December, 2011.

This is where my KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) brain kicks in. Mikovits’ lab and Alter and Lo’s lab must have had the same percentage of mice junk in the other room where they handled the sickies’ blood samples, give or take a mouse or two. Oh, no. They would have handled all the samples in the same room. So why did both studies get hugely differing results between CFS patients and healthy controls? Why were any blood samples free of the retrovirus?

When the CDC tested blood samples for a retrovirus they found nothing. They didn’t even find a low level in healthy controls. Hum. Maybe mice don’t like to go on vacation to Atlanta. They prefer Reno or Washington, D.C. I don’t know why. I stayed at a wonderful hotel across from the CDC back in 1999. This was when we sickies were protesting the misuse of about $12 million dollars Congress had designated for the study of chronic fatigue syndrome. You remember that disease. It is now officially SEIDS aka Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

A bunch of us SEIDS sat all day listening to the CDC apologizing to us. SAD. When it was my turn to ask questions I asked, “What happened to Dr. Bell’s lymph node biopsies he took from those kids who were sick up in Lyndonville, NY back in 1985? Why didn’t you ever study them?”

Some high up official smirked at me and said, “Oh, they are around here in a fridge somewhere. Yes, we should study them.” In hindsight, always better than foresight, I recall that the CDC admitted recently misplacing some infected blood samples. And they were scared some of their workers might get seriously infected with something.

In 1990 Dr. Bell and Dr. Cheney talked to the CDC about Dr. Elaine DeFreitas’ work at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. She found a retrovirus in SEIDS patients. She sent samples to the CDC. They found nothing. DeFreitas asked the researcher at the CDC to fly up to Philly and watch how she handled the samples. But the scientist from the CDC was headed to a warmer climate for vacation. Conclusion? There was no retrovirus in those samples. Right? But I digress. Let’s get back to Atlanta. They got blood samples from SEIDS and controls. Some claim that the CDC didn’t select the correct patients, thus they were all negative. NO. In a correctly run test with patients who didn’t really have SEIDS both patients an controls should have been around 4% positive. YOU TELL ME WHY THERE WERE NO POSITIVES AT ALL. Select all that may apply:

1. Mikovits’ lab and Alter/Lo’s lab were both contaminated with mice crap at almost identical levels for controls, and then much higher almost identical levels for SEIDS.

2. Mikovits and Alter/Lo both made up almost identical stories. They lied hoping to be famous.

3. The CDC used the wrong test.

4. The CDC handled samples incorrectly, so the retrovirus was gone – stuff like not freezing the blood to the right level, not shipping it fast enough, putting the wrong reagents in it, etc.

5. The CDC lied. No, not sure they are smart enough.

If you guessed #3 you are probably right. But if this goes to court, don’t expect to win. We have no reason left in our country.

PS What about those prostate cancer patients Silverman studied at the Cleveland Clinic? Clearly, that retrovirus ws manmade in a lab, right? Yes, you are right. But that has nothing to do with Mikovits or Alter and Lo. Silverman’s retrovirus was more like a manmade stuffed mouse, not a real live mouse.

PPS If this whole retrovirus crap is fake crap, then why did the FDA order the use of Cerus’ Intercept product in December, 2014, to clean all donated blood of retrovirus crap that might be in it? I thought the government found no retrovirus.

15 thoughts on “Mouse Crap

  1. Just as interesting, I believe, is the fact that to this day there is no evidence that CFS is not one of the many forms of Lyme disease. And, considering the many forms of co-infections possible, including mycoplasma. I have an appointment on the 18th with DR. Dennis J Courtney Pittsburgh regarding this issue.     Rich

    • Yes, certainly. If the retrovirus damages the immune system then the body will not be able to control other infections – mycoplasma, various viruses such as EBV, HHV6, tick borne infections. This would explain why we now have chronic Lyme since the 70s, but not before.

  2. Paula, my head is too messed up right now from ME and depression to read this thoughtfully. I hope to do so soon. Thanks.

    • Yes, the “mouse crap” term was just sarcasm, not science and may have been confusing. Even more concerning was that the retrovirus that was in the blood samples was able to infect workers in the lab. Everyone needs to read “Plague” to get the details.

    • AndY, right now we have to determine if a retrovirus is a player, not if it is the cause. We have to ask tough questions, which you are doing.
      I am talking with a couple of scientists regarding this completely negative for retrovirus study.
      Again lets dumb it down, but not in a stupid way.
      1 why do they give two links to mycoplasma incognitus research yet call it mycoplasma pneumonia?
      2 why did Alter and Lo in their study get the huge difference from c 6 percent in controls to c 90 percent in patients? How can that be lab contamination? What was different between this study and theirs. Clearly, rationally it cannot be explained by lab contamination.
      3 the day Lipkin led the news report why did Mikovits, and Lo sit there like sheep saying nothing?
      I know, if you are a patient, you want answers. I am PCR positive for mycoplasma incognitus, negative for the retrovirus in Mikovits’ lab. Hum, maybe no “mouse crap” inher lab the two times she studied my blood samples.
      Let’s open our eyes. There may be a light or two at the end of this tunnel.

    • Hello Jane, I am not at home this week, but will try to look up the two questions raise asap. Briefly, let me repeat what I see in the research. The study done at Reno showed an extreme difference between CFS patients and the controls. The study done by Alter and Lo in Washington, DC using completely different patients and controls had very similar results looking for retroviruses from the same family. The other labs in other places found NOTHING. Conclusion – CFS patients are carrying some kind of retrovirus at very high rates. We do not know if this is the CAUSE of CFS or one of the players like EBV or HHV6. We do not know if some or any of our current vaccines have this. What is clear is that we must demand more research now, or we are all idiots and doomed. We do not need a million dollars spent on some stupid new name. We need studies that follow the “tracks in the dirt.” I DO NOT MEAN LITERAL TRACKS. That is speaking figuratively.

  3. We certainly do not need more research on the XMRV dead end – http://mbio.asm.org/content/3/5/e00266-12.full killed that with the best science available. Mikovits and Lombardi were following contamination, not disease in CFS patient; it was an error and that happens, science learn and moves on: http://www.nature.com/news/the-scientist-who-put-the-nail-in-xmrv-s-coffin-1.11444#/b2

    There’s no evidence anywhere that ME/CFS patients have an illness caused by the same pathogen. If there are 17 million patients worldwide that means the pathogen is worldwide and the important question then is why only 17 million not 7 billion getting sick ? Not what is the pathogen ? The chance of ME/CFS resulting from a single cause is remote, there are likely many different systemic problems and many different precursor events that across several million people all end up producing a similar appearing condition.

  4. When Polio was running rampant through the population in the fifties, not every child caught it. During the Black Plagues in Europe, only a certain percentage caught it each time it flared up. And so it goes with all illnesses. Your logic makes no sense, AndE.

  5. AndE, it’s complicated. So let’s go back to square one or maybe two. IF a retrovirus is part of the puzzle, then many other infections would turn up reactivated. This would be terribly confusing. Imagine studying an AIDS patient but not knowing about HIV?

    Second issue – you have two labs, one in Washington, DC area and one in Reno, NV. They both study blood samples from healthy controls and CFS patients – NOT THE SAME SAMPLES. They both come up with about 4% positives in the healthy controls and 87% positive in the sickies. THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY BE EXPLAINED BY LAB CONTAMINATION, AND, YES, I AM YELLING. Think about it. Something is terribly wrong with Coffin’s supposed nail in the coffin.

    Understand, that there may be a range of these murine retroviruses. What Mikovits found is in the same family as Alter and Lo, but not exactly the same. But when the CDC finds NOTHING, NOTHING????? We have brains. Something is wrong with this picture.

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