I like to read license plates while sitting at red lights. Recently I saw one that read 666HEXX. Kind of creepy. Beside the plate a sticker said, “Witches Heal.” My skeptic mind wondered, Witches heal? Really?

Agnostic Ivan, in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, yells at the devil, “No, you are not someone apart, you are myself, you are I and nothing more!” Was Ivan correct? Martin Luther threw an ink pot at the devil. Was he insane?

Let’s think about it. If there is a God, then it is quite possible there are spirits that are not human. This is not about religion. It is about logic. I have encountered two life cases where it seemed a person might have been under the control of an evil spirit.

One man told me about something that happened to him when he was a teen. his family often played with fortune telling, seances, and an ouija board. But when he heard a preacher tat a city mission present the gospel of Christ, he became a believer, and realized he should not be playing with such things. His buddies were all playing with the ouija board and convinced him he should join in. He did. Later that day he felt compelled to get a weapon, walk across town, and murder his best friend. As he walked to his friend’s house, he kept thinking, I have got to stop. I know this is wrong. About half way there, he cried out to God, “Stop me. Stop me.” Immediately, the strange impulse stopped. In years to come this event probably helped him, as he worked in Somalia, a land full of superstition.

My second experience at age sixteen was closer to home. My mom hosted two college kids from Nigeria. Both students were smart, nice guys. When summer came one went home for the summer, the other stayed on at our house. Mom and I went on a two week trip, and left the young man with my aunt and my brother. We came home to a horrible discovery – the young man was in the state mental hospital. He had gone mad!

Here is what happened. Late one afternoon my brother answered a knock on the front door. It was the police. Seems the Nigerian kid had gone down the street to a convent where he started cursing and screaming obscenities at the sisters. They called the cops. We were all in shock and never saw this coming.

When Mom visited him in the mental hospital something came to light. This fellow had joined the Rosicrucians and started praying to the spirits to help him with college.

Almost everything about the Rosicrucians has been a complete hoax used to make money. Originally the author was writing it as a joke much like “The Onion” today, but then people started believing it was true. Not smart. Read more here:http://usminc.org/rosicrucian.html and here:https://www.rosicrucian.org/history

So what happened to this smart Nigerian kid? He got pulled into a lie, and the lie or the spirit behind it took over his life. My mom visited him at the mental hospital. She prayed with him, and he repented. Within a couple of weeks the mental hospital released him, because he had returned to complete normalcy.

During the weeks he was in the mental hospital my mom showed me a box in his bedroom closet, and asked me if I smelled anything. The box stunk, but everything in it was clean and dry. The smell was bizarre. When he came back to our house my mom had him take his box of Rosicrucian literature out of the closet and burn it, renouncing it entirely. I was relieved when the box was burned up, and the closet no longer stank.

I wish this was the happy ending. Sadly, the young man went back to college, got nervous about his grades, and began praying to the spirits again. He went crazy and back to the mental hospital. From there, the law required he had to leave United States. M. Scott Peck. MD makes the point that the patient must renounce the lies. I can only pray that this man made that choice and recovered his life.

Researchers such as M. Scott Peck, MD and Stafford Betty, PhD make the point that there are many more cases of mental illness, but that some cases cannot be explained away as mental illness. You read the interview with Peck here: http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/2005/01/The-Patient-Is-The-Exorcist-Interview-With-M-Scott-Peck.aspx?p=1 and the study by Betty here: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10943-004-1142-9

Should we spend the rest of our lives in fear? No, but do realize that you might cross paths with the devil or a demon. They are not omnipresent, nor do they know everything. But stay alert and armed. We are in a war, but it is not about killing people. I do not plan to start shooting at the 666HEXX car. This is a spiritual war. I will pray for the driver. Our weapons are not knives, guns, or bombs. Here is a list from Ephesians 6 of the weapons we need.



Good news of peace


Salvation – you will still live even if they kill your body

Scripture – the power of words that are the truth

Prayer – for yourself and all your brothers and sisters in Christ

A mighty fortress is our God.”


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