Finally! You can get my book on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 including the pictures. Enjoy! Here is the link.


Fighting My War and Keeping My Peace describes the private journey of a patient living with an illness that seems to have no end. Paula Masso Carnes describes in prose and poetry the frightening realization that she has been sick for two months with no idea what is wrong. Seven months later she is still too sick to work and resigns from her career.

Used to controlling her life with logic and will power, Paula now finds that she must fight for effective treatment while finding peace with herself as she endures an illness that has continued years. She writes about loss, despair, friendships, purpose, and hope. Paula answers the question, “How do you fight a war with chronic illness and still keep your peace?”

This book has rare qualities: it says much with few words, it is real and hopeful simultaneously. Paula is someone who understands very well what she is talking about.

James L. Schaller, MD, Master of Arts in Religion, Specializing in Treatment-Resistant Illnesses

Paula writes from a brutally frank place, but in such a way that there is a lush experience from which I can glean.

Patricia Fero, Director Wisconsin Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association, Inc.

Paula Carnes examines the devastation and the struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease, bringing to it all the resources of her heart, her soul and her lucid intellect.

Michael S. Allen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and author, living for 14 years with ME/CFS

Paula writes with passion and personal knowledge of the horrors of living with chronic illness. Her clear, concise and cogent prose helps us all keep the faith when such illness steals our life away.

Tom Hennessy, founder of RESCIND, Inc., a patient advocacy group

If you want the paper, full color photo edition here is the link to the best price, $23.70.



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